Best free software—for your needed


All computer work is solved through different types of software. Nowadays we get a lot of the best free software online. There are many tasks that take a lot of time to do with the help of software and require a lot of knowledge. There are some online software tools that can do this very easily. A list of some such software is given.

Some best free software:

01. Logo Create : Canva
: Logaster
02. Image Background Remove :
03. Big & Skin Good : Bigjpg
04. Image Extension converter : Image online convert
05. Image GeoImgr : GeoImgr
06. Image short : Tinypng
: Imageoptim
: ShortPixel
07. PDF compress : Pdfcompressor
: Ilovepdf
: smallpdf
08. Audio-to-text convertor : Speech to text
09. Barcode Create : Barcodesinc
10. Icon download : Flaticon
11. All Free Software : Getintopc
12. Google Drive : Drive Google
13. What Is My IP Address : whatismyipaddress
14. Fake Name Generator : fakenamegenerator
15. URL short : cuttly
: bitly
16. Color Select : color-hex



Some tools are free and some tools are paid. Again, you have to sign up before using any tools. Mail and mobile number may be required to sign up. Use of any tools must follow their policies. But tools are very important in all areas including the best SEO tools.