Best SEO Company: Secure the Top Spot in Search Engines!!

It takes a lot of dedication and planning to build a brand or service. In this day and age, the internet is the most effective way of letting people know about your business and services. Among all the strategies SEO (search engine optimization) is a must for search engine ranking. Nowadays, SEO management is a pretty intensive and delicate process. At Jenial IT, the best SEO Company, our SEO specialists will approach your objectives, research them, and build content for the best website optimization and the most traffic.

Jenial IT is a business-oriented SEO service Company, which makes us stand out from the competition. Our involvement in the industry for a long time has made us experts in advertisements, SEO link building, SEO image, keyword research, SEO content, and SEO website ranking for providing our customers with the best SEO packages. For SEO optimization we use the best tools available and most research on keywords.



What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. It is a way of ranking high on the unpaid section of a search engine. In simple words, SEO is the process of optimizing your website or content to make it appear as a top result for a search on a particular keyword in search engines.

If we think of a topic and want to know about it, we search for the topic on search engines. Now, the topic and word related to the topic are included in the keyword. Searching by the keyword you will be suggested some website and to be one of the top websites your content and site needs to be optimized by the process of SEO optimization.

Let People Know Your Brand, Service, or Story:

Do you know, how many blog posts are published each day? Well, over 2 million posts are uploaded just by WordPress users every day. That means more than 24 blog posts every second. Out of the 2 million, thousands will be related to your topic making it harder for you to stand out. But you have to make your blog top-rated for your success.

The time you spend optimizing each post will determine your success. People conduct more than 2.2 million searches a day just on Google. Therefore, being on the front page of Google can decide between a thriving and a failed business.

At Jenial IT SEO agency we provide solutions for Google search engine optimization along with local SEO. We are also determined to provide your website with a good user experience, more traffic & conversion, long-term strategy, and number one rank on any search engine.

SEO for Boosting up Your Page Traffic:

The majority of online experiences begin with the search engine, and about 75% of people search on Google. Moreover, the first five results on Google get a 67% visit, which already gave you an idea of why search engine optimization is so important. Besides, if your blog post or product is not on the first page of Google, then it is kind of non-existing.

To make sure to show up in the first search engine results, our SEO services are always available. Quality SEO marketing can bring your business ideas to life. Website optimization is an initial for marketing, branding, and advertising your business. And our SEO experts are ready for all the hard work.

Fundamental Rules of SEO:

By now you know the basics of SEO, so, let’s get into some details. Google guards over 200 determining search algorithms pretty well and not all of them are public. How exactly the algorithm works?

Well, Search engines have automated spiders. These spiders collect information on your website and the pages. This information determines when a searcher will be served your site. In this case, page speed, title tags, social signals, internal linking, and backlinks are mainly the determining factors.

If your site isn’t properly optimized, we can assume you will not be coming up on the first page other than for branded or business name search queries. That means people who don’t know your business or brand will never find you. In short, without SEO, you will be giving your leads away.

SEO Services Jenial IT Provides:

As the best SEO Company, Jenial IT provides a lot of SEO services that business websites need. To know about our services, keep reading.

  1. Keyword Research:
    Keyword research impacts the ranking of SEO tasks as it helps in finding a content topic, on-page SEO, and content promotion. The keyword is not the only SEO ranking factor but a very important one. A strategic input of unique and demandable keywords with interesting content can undoubtedly attract visitors beyond your imagination.
  2. Competitor Analysis:
    The process of evaluating where the top rankings websites stand, when it comes to the most important SEO considerations, including their use of unique keywords, is known as keyword competition analysis. The goal is to get a panoramic view of what you are up against and where your chances are. After a thorough analysis, our SEO experts will find you the most unique and top-ranking keywords.
  3. Google Reviews:
    The value of online feedback is undeniable in today’s business world. Conversely, understanding exactly how to exploit them to achieve impressive rankings is still a bit of an enigmatic task, due to Google’s hidden algorithms. All sorts of studies and strategic advice have been provided about how customer feedback can be worked into SEO plans. Though the study varies there are some similarities and our experts work around those common and unique strategies to provide the best possible result.
  4. Google Top Ranking:
    The word on the internet is that Google uses more than 200 ranking factors for a website. Without prior experience, it is impossible to have a good grasp of what ranking factor will work for your website. This is where our service shines.
  5. Profile Backlink:
    Profile backline is used to describe the site that sees your content as informative and reliable enough to entrust visitors to your content by linking your website to theirs. This factor makes your website rank higher in Google ranking. We are the best SEO Company that can provide you with accurate information and engaging content.
  6. Directory Submission:
    Our SEO specialist will submit your website URL and related details on the web directory under the particular category your content falls. It helps your link building and it is off-page SEO optimization for a higher ranking of your website.
  7. Blog Post:
    We provide a blog posting service with content related to your website for attracting visitors. Blog posts help to provide informative content and keep a constant flow of traffic on your website. Properly optimized blog posts have a huge impact on SEO ranking.
  8. Image Sharing:
    This method provides is where you publish or upload a digital photo of your business or service. This is an off-page technique used for brand or business promotion as well as website backline quality. Our business, which is the best SEO Company, can manage all this for you.
  9. Social Bookmark:
    It is the process of bookmarking your page or website on a browser to get updates and read content later. This is a process Google algorithm uses to determine how important your website is to our visitors. By availing our service we will make sure that through social bookmarking your authority and credibility are increased with your ranking.
  10. Guest Blog:
    This is a promotional activity for your website. This process includes posting in another blog as a guest to build a relationship with the site, help expose your website, build links, and promote your brand. Our experts are experienced in this work to ensure quality blogging.
  11. Web 2.0:
    Web 2.0 is publisher-type sites that allow their developers to modify a unique URL for their websites. There are many social bookmarking sites, social media networks, and video-sharing sites. Through web 2.0 our SEO experts offer posting, grouping, and networking facilities for your page. This helps in link building and web traffic.
  12. Blog Comment:
    Blog comments are an on-page technique, where a page’s content is indexed by Google. If there is a link on a tab, the link will become part of Google’s SEO review. We then leave a blog comment with your link and get the link indexed by Google, counting as an advantage for your SEO ranking.
  13. Backlink Maker:
    Our SEO service will help you create quality backlinks to your website instantly. Our experts build backline with SEO best practices in mind to take you closer to the top of SERPs, in compliance with Google’s suggested link-building guidelines.
  14. Ping Submission:
    Ping submission means sending auto-generated alerts to spiders in search engines telling them that your page has been changed and needs to be re-crawled. Pinging in SEO means telling search engines about your newly built backlinks so they’re crawled and counted. Our best SEO Company will take care of all your need.

How Jenial IT makes SEO Work:

Optimizing your website for search engines is a crucial task. If you’re less technically minded, you will find it challenging, but you can always reach out for SEO services. Jenial IT is the best SEO Company with years of experience optimizing websites for clients to make them attractive and informative for search engines. Whether you have a brand new business or an established business we are here to help you take your optimization to the next level.

Why choose Jenial IT?

  1. Save Time.

SEO is very in-depth and it constantly changes, it can quickly become a full-time job very quickly. You have your own business to handle and you can’t do both. This is where our professional SEO services come to your aid. By hiring an SEO company near you, all of our content will be taken care of for Google’s search engine optimization. So, you can focus on expanding and improving your business.

  1. Better Results.

Having a perfect looking doesn’t mean that’s the case. Hiring our professional SEO service will provide you with a second set of eyes that can help you quickly identify the problem and solution for becoming the perfect website. Learning SEO takes years and you have to go through trial and error. By opting for our search engine Optimization Company we can identify and correct problems related to your website rank quickly. The result of your website will speak for our skills.

  1. Tools & Knowledge.

Our SEO experts are equipped with the most recent knowledge and cutting-edge tools. Together, these give our professionals a unique advantage while analyzing a website for factors that affect your overall ranking ability. Besides, for doing all the work yourself you would have to purchase each of the tools and services individually. You will also have to learn how to use the tools. Our SEO experts will save you the headache and time.

  1. Trial-and-Error.

To know SEO success you have to practice some trial and error. The experiment of trial and error is time-consuming and can be harmful to your website. Moreover, you can’t find SEO rules anywhere because the rules and strategies evolve all the time.

There is no SEO service formula, the only way is trial and error as it can help determine which SEO service methods work and which don’t for your website in a niche, at a given time.

  1. The secret of SEO is simple.

To become top rated you have to go through trial and error and keep in mind that you will have to discard all the research if Google changes its algorithm. Besides, you have to keep an eye on your competitor and you might have to change your research based on their activity. By choosing our service we can provide the final result. Our experts know the way around SEO service and have a better grasp of the type of change that happens.

  1. Local SEO.

This is a recent but big part of SEO. People have started to localize their searches as more business has become internet-based. By choosing our local SEO Company you can get local SEO solutions. Moreover, local search engine optimization will not only help you rank higher but also help you get more traffic.

7. Information

Our SEO service will keep you informed on the changes and the steps we are taking. You will gain knowledge on how we do our SEO service work, what kind of budget you need, how we do case studies, and contact our consultant for any kind of help.

At Jenial IT, we thrive to provide our clients with the best possible result to prove us as the best SEO Company. To make your online business bloom get in touch with our SEO experts and discuss custom SEO optimization plans to help your website optimize in the best way possible.