Best SEO services—must need for your website ranks.

The word SEO means search engine optimization. Best SEO services are needed for your website ranks. This is an important topic for all types of visitors in today’s world, starting from bloggers, freelancers, and basic. When we search for a keyword in any of Google’s search engines, most visitors naturally choose the result from the first page. So everyone is trying to come to the beginning of the search engine to increase personal blogger traffic, including reputable organizations. And the only technique that is acceptable for this is the name of best SEO services.

Current multinational companies are hiring SEO experts to promote their products. Besides, learning the best SEO services is very important for those who want to make money from freelancing, ad-sense, and affiliate marketing.



SEO: Search Engine Optimization

    Mainly 2 parts:

  1. Paid SEO
  2. Organic SEO

    Organic 2 parts:

  1. ON-PAGE


SERP: Search Engine Results Page

  1. UP part: Google adds/PPC/SEM

(PPC- Pay Per Click) (SEM- Search Engine Marketing)

  1. Middle part: Google Local Pac/3Pac
  2. Last part: Organic Result


Snippet preview- 3 parts:

  1. URL 2. Title  3. Meta


The Keyword is the word or sentence that is searched by typing in Google.


Keyword Research: Local SEO

  • Service name + location
  • Service name + zip/postal code
  • Brand name


  • ambulance service in Uttara
  • ambulance service in Dhaka
  • ambulance service near me
  • emergency ambulance service


Information collects from the client:

  1. Business Information
  2. Business Name
  3. Mobile
  4. Details Address
  5. Business Goal
  6. Targeted Keywords (optional)
  7. Business Hours
  8. Business starting date
  9. About the Business
  10. Website (optional)
  11. Social Media Profiles (optional)


Classification of Keywords:

  1. Primary/Main/Seed Key
    • Page title
    • Meta title
    • Heading 1 tag H1
    • Image Alt Text
  1. Secondary Key
    • LSI Keyword
  1. Supporting Key
    • Keyword-related information keyword




  1. Always must be between 50-60 characters. (space between two words is 1 character)
  2. The title must contain the primary key.
  3. The beginning of the title must use a keyword.
  4. The title must be meaningful
  5. Separators can be used in titles. (good separator dash (-) and pipe (|)
  6. Power words can be used in the title. (e.g. Best, Fast, Final) (Google search: Power words list)
  7. Call to action in the title. (Mobile- for local business)
  8. Many offers can be given in the title. (15%Discount, Today 50%)
  9. The title cannot be duplicated on the same website.
  10. Page titles and meta titles may be different but not literal.


Meta Tag:

  1. Meta descriptions will be between 150-160 characters.
  2. Meta descriptions must contain keywords.
  3. Call to action in the title. (Mobile- for local business)
  4. Cannot be left blank.
  5. Cannot be duplicated.


  1. URL- Short is better.
  2. URL- It is better to have a keyword.
  3. Space cannot be used.
  4. URL- will always be (post name).
  5. The Index URL cannot be changed.
  6. URL- If you want to change, you have to redirect to the 301 code.

 Heading Tag

  1. H1-H6 looks big and small.
  2. H1 is more acceptable to Google.
  3. Cannot be used more than once H1 on a page.
  4. Another tag can use more than once.

Image Optimization:

  1. Create an image or collect an image from an image source and Google. Image source link:
  1. To edit source images by edit tools:
  2. Size low. (use tools Imageoptim. com)
  3. Image name change (use keyword, don’t space, use (-) das.
  4. Properties—Details:
  5. Title change:
  6. Rating:
  7. Tags: keyword
  8. Use Geotag. (use tool. going. com)

Content Optimization:

  1. 1st paragraph 1st sentence use keyword.
  2. Use a Keyword related sweet title.
  3. To write all are information type articles.
  4. Use keywords in less than 1% of the content.
  5. Use LSI keywords.
  6. Use text modifiers (Bold, Italic, and Underline).
  7. Use Bullet points and numbering.
  8. Always use simple language & sweet sentences.
  9. Content to be simple and general conversation.
  10. Always use a short paragraph.
  11. Skip unnecessary words.
  12. Avoid the passive tense.
  13. Avoid needless repetition.
  14. To be copy escape free.
  15. No plagiarism.
  16. No errors in grammar.
  17. Follow SEO-type content.


Google My Business (GMB):

  • Link:

Find and manage your business:

  • Type of business name: (company name)

What’s the name of your business?:

Choose the category that fits your business best:

  • Business Category: (Google suggests).

Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?

  • Yes: (have an organization. Customer to come here).
  • No: (no organization. Customer doesn’t come here).

Where do you serve your customers? (Optional):

  • Search and select the area: Dhaka, Bangladesh. (More address add, different country add).
  • Next

What contact details do you want to show to customers?

  • Contact phone number: Use mobile not phone- 017——–
  • Current website: (website name)
  • Next

Please enter your mailing address to verify: (verify at last)

  • Verify later click

Add a business description:

  • Add a Business Description: 750 words.
  • Save


  • Name change: if you need.
  • Category ads: more categories added.
  • Business hours: 00 AM-10.00 PM, Friday closed.
  • Special hour: Special day.
  • Service: After verifying to add.
  • Opening day: 01 January 2015.
  • Add photo: (Must logo and cover photo add, more photo add).
  • Continue click.


  • Verify now click.
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Street address: (full address)
  • City: (city name)
  • Post Code: (zip code)
  • Next
  • Contact name: (name)
  • Mail
  • Continue
  • Continue

(Two methods: First- mailing- received later by the post office, Second- Instant by mobile)

(Google sent 5-digit codes, then verify. BD 14 days, others 05 days, before verifies no work.)


After verification:

  • Info: Search and map search information to know.
  • Post: After 7 days post. 2-3 posts in the week.
  • Reviews: No change. Competitor gives 1 start 1. You 5 start 2.
  • Messaging: Mobile Apps.
  • Photos: photos add.
  • Website: Free website creation.
  • Users: Owner creates.
  • Insight: To know Google My Business performance.


Create a Facebook Business Page:

  • Facebook
  • Create
  • Business or brand
  • Get started
  • Page Name: Type (Jenial IT)
  • Category: Type or select (Internet marketing service)
  • Address: Type (Full Address)
  • Continue click

 Optimize a Business Page:

  1. Logo add: upload logo
  2. Cover photo add upload cover photo.
  • Page-About: from the menu about click.


  1. Category: (if) Advertise/Marketing
  2. Name: (if)
  3. User name: (if)


  1. Always open.


  1. Opened on: 1 January 2015


  1. Email:
  2. Website:


  1. Short Description: (content in 255 words)


  1. A cover photo and content up to 300 words)

Call No:

  1. Contact you—call now.


  • Inbox:
  • Manage Job:
  • Notification:
  • Insights:
  • More:


Google maps marketing


Maps views 4 parts:

  1. Map view (simple)
  2. Satellite view
  3. Sprit view
  4. Inside com view

Rolls of add Location:

  • Place select.
  • Mouse the Right button and click
  • Add a missing place click
  1. Name: to add your brand [Jenial IT]
  2. Category: to add category [Corporate office]
  3. Location: to add the full address [Block D, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216]
  4. Hour: to add hour [09.00 AM-09.00 PM, Friday closed]
  5. Contact: to add mobile number [018870—17)
  6. Website: to add website []
  7. Opening date: to add opening date [01 January 2015]
  8. Add a photo: to add photo [Normal photo, panoramic photo, 360-degree photo]
  9. Sent click.

Determining the way to the place:

  • Select 1st place
  • Mouse the Right button and click
  • Direction from here click
  • Add destination click
  • Write 2nd place name
  • Enter key press.

Determining the distance of the object:

  • Selection themes
  • Mouse right click
  • Measure distance click
  • 1st site click
  • 2nd site click

Citation (Reviews):

  • Organization click
  • Write a review click (From left)
  • Star click
  • Comment about it
  • Post click
    • The comment says- Place right.
    • Minimum 10-12 reviews
    • Dhaka Review- Do Barisal doesn’t agree?
    • From Local location right review.
    • Review form Gmail
    • Review different IPs.