Create YouTube Account—Make Upload and SEO

One of the platforms for sharing experiences is YouTube. Create YouTube account is a must. First, you need to create YouTube channel. Second, you have to upload the video. In the end, you have to do channel SEO. Content is published on both the website and YouTube. The website has text content and YouTube has video content. The demand for both is immense in the online world.

Current people take solutions to many of their problems from YouTube. People are becoming proficient by gaining experience by taking their unknown information from YouTube. Many are now able to easily collect any difficult, complex, and unknown information from YouTube. As a result, YouTube is becoming more and more popular.

Experienced people are creating YouTube accounts and uploading their experiences to the channel for business purposes. Inexperienced people are benefiting from collecting information from here. As a result, channel owners are making money from YouTube. For this, you need to create YouTube account a good quality by following the right rules.

How to make a YouTube channel

Necessary materials:

  • Gmail Account.
  • Mobile Number.

Necessary information:

  • Brand Account name:    (E.g.         Jenial tv)
  • Profile picture:                 (E.g.         logo, size 800x800px)
  • Banner image:                 (E.g.         banner, size 2048x1152px)
  • Video watermark:            (E.g.         picture 150x150px)
  • Channel name and description: (E.g.         content 1000 character)
  • Links:                                 (E.g.         website—https//
  • Contact info:                    (E.g.         email—
  • Country:                            (E.g.         country name—Bangladesh)
  • Phone number:                (E.g.         01887 – – 31-7)
  • Verification code:             (E.g.         28 – 549

Video Editing:

  • Video editing :                   (E.g.         TechSmith Camtasia 9)

Video Upload:

  • A video:                           (E.g.         MP4)
  • Title:                                 (E.g.         into 100 characters)
  • Description:                     (E.g.         into 1000 character)
  • Thumbnail (custom):     (E.g.         1280x720px JPG, GIF, PNG  2MB)
  • Tag:                                   (E.g.         into 500 characters)
  • Recording date and location: (E.g.         video)
  • Category select:                (E.g. Seo)
  • Monetization:                     (E.g.         ON)
  • Save or Publish

YouTube Image List:

  • Profile picture: (How to create YouTube profile) logo, size 800x800px

Jenial TV Logo

  • Banner image: (How to make a YouTube banner) banner, size 2048x1152px

YouTube banner

  • Video watermark: (Watermark photo) picture 150x150px

Jenial TV watermark

  • Thumbnail (custom): (online YouTube thumbnail maker) 1280x720px JPG, GIF, PNG 2MB
YouTube custom thumbnail

YouTube custom thumbnail


  • vidIQ Extension                 (Add to chrome)
  • vidIQ Account create
  • vidIQ Sign in

SEO Part of two:

  1. Actionable-50% to do user
  2. Performance-50% to do YouTube.
  3. Actionable:
  • Tag count                          5/5
  • Tag volume                       5/5
  • Keyword in title                 5/5
  • Keyword in description    5/5
  • Tripled keyword                 5/5

Video Optimization Checklist:

  • Title:                              (into 100 characters)
  • Description:                 (into 1000 character)
  • Cards:                           (It is better to add)
  • End screens:                (It is better to add)
  • Custom Thumbnail:    (E.g.         1280x720px JPG, GIF, PNG  2MB)
  • Closed Caption (manual):        (It is better to add)
  • Replied to a recent comment: (Must reply at least one command)
  • Shared on Facebook:                (Need to share on Facebook)
  • Shared on Twitter:                     (Need to share on Twitter)
  • Monetization enabled:              (It is better to monetization)
  • Added to a playlist:                    (It is better to have a playlist)
  • Public

We have been creating YouTube account for a long time according to customer demand. We are also working on our own channel Jenial IT and Jenial TV. We can create YouTube account for your needs. If you need a YouTube account, you can Contact Us.

Our Services on YouTube:

SN Service Name BDT US
01. Create YouTube Account and customization 800/= $10
02. YouTube Video Editing and Upload 1,200/= $15
03. YouTube Channel SEO (vidIQ) 1,200/= $15


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