Google maps marketing to add your organization

An important part of SEO is Google maps marketing. Many unknown places can be found through Google Maps. Locations of many important organizations can be found anywhere. If the name of the place of the organization is not known but the name of the organization is known, then it can be found from Google Maps. It is possible to go to specific places by zooming from the maps. Again, it is possible to reach a specific place by entering the name of the place from Find.


Maps views 4 part:

  1. Map view (simple)
  2. Satellite view
  3. Sprit view
  4. Inside com view

Rolls of add Location:

  • Place select.
  • Mouse Right button click
  • Add a missing place click
  1. Name: to add your brand [Jenial IT]
  2. Category: to add category [Corporate office]
  3. Location: To add the full address [Block D, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216]
  4. Hour: to add hour [09.00 AM-09.00 PM, Friday closed]
  5. Contact: to add mobile number [018870—17)
  6. Website: to add website []
  7. Opening date: to add opening date [01 January 2015]
  8. Add a photo: to add photo [Normal photo, panoramic photo, 360-degree photo]
  9. Sent click.

Determining the way to the place:

  • Select 1st place
  • Mouse Right button click
  • Direction from here click
  • Add destination click
  • Write 2nd place name
  • Enter keypress.

Determining the distance of the object:

  • Selection themes
  • Mouse right-click
  • Measure distance click
  • 1st site click
  • 2nd site click

Citation (Reviews) of Google maps marketing:

  • Organization click
  • Write a review click (From left)
  • Star click
  • Comment about it
  • Post click
    • The comment says- Place right.
    • Minimum 10-12 reviews
    • Dhaka Review- Do Barisal doesn’t agree.
    • From Local location right review.
    • Review form Gmail
    • Review deferent IP.

Google maps marketing is not limited to just adding organizations. It provides a way to get from one place to another. Again the distance of a particular object can be easily ascertained. However, Google Maps SEO is very important for SEO.



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