To create RSS feed for website backlink

 How to create RSS feed? It is very easy to create RSS feed. An RSS feed is a link that, as soon as you click on the link, your visitors will get a complete idea about your website. Even this RSS link will create backlinks for your site. Link building can be done by submitting this RSS to different websites. So this RSS link is very important for the SEO of the website.

 What is RSS Feed?

The word RSS means Really Simple Syndication. RSS is spreading the URL of a site. If you set the URL of a site on your own site, then the content that is published on that site will be known from your own site. Suppose a site is constantly updated. You want to show all the updated information of that site to the visitors of your site. Then you always have to keep in mind when the content is updated. Then you can copy the updated content and paste it on your own site and present it to the visitors. It’s hard work you have to work all the time. In this case, if you set the RSS of that site on your site, then all the information updated on that site will automatically come to your site. You do not have to do any work for this.


RSS Feed Submission

If an organization constantly follows the information of other organizations and the activities are conducted according to their interactions, then you can set the URL of that site on your own site. For example, a college with its board of education and an institution with its governing body. You can even view stock market fluctuations from your own site.

 RSS submission site:

RSS submission is to spread the URL of the website through some websites. There are some websites that spread the RSS of the website. Such websites need to be collected from Google. Submission’s website should be spread in many places by RSS through the collected website. Suppose you have submitted your website URL to 100 organizations. Then the content of your website can be seen from 100 organizations. As a result, visitors will come to your website from all those websites, and backlinks to your website will be created.

To find the RSS submission website from Google, apply to Google: “Free RSS feed submission sites list”. Some important RSS website below:

SN Website Name PA DA SS
01. Pingomatic 52 62 1%
02. Plazoo 41 54 32%
03. Topsiteswebdirectory 35 54 17%
04. Feedshark.brainbliss 34 58 22%
05. Wingee 32 34 28%


To Create RSS Feed URL:

  2. Email verify
  3. My Feeds…
  • Burn a feed right this instant: write website URL (
  • I am a podcaster click
  • Next click
  1. Identify Feed Source …
  • My block- Feed check
  • Next click
  1. Welcome! …
  • Feed Title: Jenial IT
  • Feed Address: jenialit
  • Next click
  1. Congrats! …
  • Next click
  1. Configure …
  • Next click
  1. Get More Gusto From …
  • Clickthroughs check
  • I want more! … check
  • Next click

Now create a blog. Then you can copy to RSS Feed URL.

RSS Feed submits into the blog site:

  • RSS Feed Link
  • Blogger site- Control Panel login.
  • Layout menu click
  • Social Media Icons Edit click
  • RSS Edit click
  • URL- Past.
  • Save click
  • Save management-click
  • Blogger site login.
  • Refresh click.
  • RSS Feed click.

Then you see your RSS Feed blog.

To need for RSS submission:

  • Your Name: Jenial IT
  • Your Email:
  • Website URL:
  • RSS Feed URL:
  • Feed Title: Jenial IT
  • Description: Jenial IT is the best SEO Company and Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh.
  • Category: Marketing
  • I agree to the above terms:
  • Captcha type:
  • Submit:


Needless to say, creating an RSS Feed is very important for link building of a website. By adding RSS Link to different websites, it is possible to bring visitors to your site effortlessly. Submitting RSS feeds on many sites increases the domain authority of the website. As a result, the website continues to dominate Google.



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