Privacy Policy

The company and its website hold the right to use any information obtained through its website, database & other digital platform sources. However, the company is also bound to follow the privacy policy & the users are also liable to follow & accept the privacy policies with their consent & personal will.

  1. By accessing the website any visitor or user is agreeing to accept all the privacy policies & terms of services & you are solely responsible for compliance with any laws of Bangladesh.
  2. All the contents on this website are protected by “Trademark” & “Copyright” laws.
  3. By accessing the website you agree to accept all the terms & conditions and are willfully sharing any information of yours for legal use by Jenial IT for any kind of business use.
  4. Confidentiality: All the user information will be kept confidential from outsiders and the company will protect any type of data obtained through the website. If any security breach happens, which is unlikely and has almost no chance of happening, the company will not be liable for the loss of information or misuse of any information or data from the website. The company, however, is liable to take immediate legal action against such distasteful acts.
  1. Material Authenticity: All the materials & contents appearing on the website is fully authentic and solely developed for the use of Jenial IT and its commercial use. There is no plagiarism, copying, or secondary source of information used for the developed materials. Jenial IT is the sole owner & has the authority to control all the contents and materials at its own discretion.
  1. is not liable for any other sites that are linked to any of its contents and materials. The company is not liable for any type of misinformation used through the linked sites or other sources. is the only authentic source of information about the company & its services.
  2. Govt Law: This website was developed fully abiding by the laws & regulations of the Govt. of the Republic of Bangladesh & its constitution. If there are any mistakes the owner and the authority of the site is bound to immediately undo/solve the mistake in regard to all the legal approach.
  1. Anyone who accesses has willfully complied that he/she will not misuse any of the contents or materials from this website. The individual will only use it for knowledge purposes or information-gathering purposes. Used otherwise, the owner of the website has the power to take legal action against the individual.

The owner of the website has the sole authority to make changes to any privacy policy at any moment upon the necessity of the company.

For more information on the Privacy Policy of Google, please visit Google’s Privacy Policy.