Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions of Jenial IT is the best digital marketing service provider one can easily rely on. We help you to improve a website’s online visibility and enhance the site’s recognition. By engaging us, the client will agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth below.

The Contract

The contract will be activated with the mutual agreement of both the service provider and the client.

  • A date of commencement to the total time period of the agreement will be decided by both parties and the charge will be set according to the total time.
  • You are welcome to build an independent contractor relationship but a joint venture with a third party is unacceptable for either party.
  • The customers will be given a monthly performance service report.
  • Before a prior notice of at least 15 business days, either party may not cancel or transfer the service responsibilities to another party.
  • Confidential information of both the service provider and the client can’t be disclosed to a third party without their prior consent even after the agreement is over. However, necessary data will be provided to the employees of Jenial IT in the privy.
  • Jenial IT reserves the right to subcontract a trustable party for completing some service tasks (if needed).

Unacceptable Practices:

There are certain limitations that are needed to be considered before the agreement. Violation of those policies may terminate the service immediately. Unacceptable practices include-

  • Disrespectful or abusive content
  • Pornographic content
  • Sexually oriented products
  • Content offensive to minors
  • Hacking sites
  • Providing links to other fraudulent sites or scams
  • Invasion of other’s privacy
  • Illegal gambling or lotteries
  • Drugs or alcohol selling
  • Fake and decisive products
  • Mocking any specific gender, class, creed, religion, race, nation, etc.


  • If a client avail any monthly service package of Jenial IT, then they are obliged to pay the chargeable amount before the commencement of the work.
  • Under a special condition, the service provider and the client upon mutual agreement can decide that the client will be liable to pay 50% of the charged amount in advance and the remaining payment will be made within 7 days after starting the service.
  • Payment can be done through credit card, bkash, Rocket, Cash, bank account transfer, etc.
  • The service may be terminated if payment is not paid before the due date and re-initiation fees may be applied.
  • Jenial IT has the right to charge an extra negotiable fee after completing the task to cover any kind of additional cost with proper evidence of the costs.


  • Both the service provider and the client will not be liable if there is any hindrance of service because of any uncontrollable natural cause.
  • Jenial IT will not be liable if there is any mistake in money transactions because of online theft or fraud. The billable amount must be cleared on time.
  • We will be responsible if there is any misuse of the client’s personal information because of us.
  • The transfer of data is inherently a bit insecure on online platforms. Any kind of data theft by an intruder is not our liability.

The client signing the agreement certifies that s/he is lawfully bounded by the stated terms and conditions. Jenial IT will take all the necessary precautions to prevent any kind of loss of clients or misuse of their information for you to have a nice work experience with us.

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Jenial IT reserves all right to modify the above terms and conditions when necessary.

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