Digital marketing strategy-need to know for business

Digital marketing strategy targets a specific segment of the customer base and is interactive. Digital marketing strategy is on the rise and search results include ads, email ads, and promotional tweets including marketing with customer feedback or a two-way interaction between the organization and the customer.

In light of digital marketing, advertisers are usually identified as the source, while members of targeted ads are usually referred to as receivers. Sources often target highly precise, defined receivers. Internet marketing is different from digital marketing.

Internet marketing is advertising that only exists on the Internet, whereas digital marketing can happen through mobile devices, on a subway platform, in a video game, or through a Smartphone app.

Digital marketing strategy is about reaching out to consumers through the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels. Some marketing experts consider digital marketing companies to be a completely new endeavor that is a new way to reach customers.



Digital marketing strategy list:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Facebook marketing
  3. Twitter marketing
  4. LinkedIn marketing
  5. YouTube Marketing
  6. Instagram marketing
  7. Reddit marketing
  8. Pinterest marketing
  9. Google map listing
  10. Bulk SMS


 Email Marketing


To name create of Gmail ID:

  • Gmail ID login
  • Google aps—Account click
  • Personal information click
  • Name—Right Arrow click
  • New name type
  • Save click


To create a webmail account:

  • Web Cpanel login []
  • Create email                                 click        [email section]
  • Create                                                 click
  • Email: info [email name]
  • Password: ……….. type
  • Mailbox Quota: 100 Mb type
  • Create Account click


  • com/webmail enter
  • email and password by login click
  • got it to click
  • Round code: Set as default click
  • Round code aps click






To create a Twitter account

There are 4 (four) items to need create a Twitter account:

  1. email ID (any ID Gmail or Yahoo)
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Person Name, Photo, header photo
  4. Some information type and enter

  • Sign up now and click
  • Full Name type                       Avila Jonson
  • Email ID type             
  • Password type                       av#018^JO95
  • Sign up click
  • Country name select                    Bangladesh
  • Mobile number type                       +880      1823615685
  • Next click
  • Verification type
  • Verify click
  • Username type/select         avila_jonson
  • Next click
  • Let’s go! Click


  • What are you interested in?
  • Fashion & Beauty select
  • Beauty and health type
  • Continue click


  • No thanks click


  • Follow 50 & continue click
  • Turn on notifications click
  • 1 OF 4—welcome home—Next click
  • 2 OF 4—Join the conversation—Next click
  • 3 OF 4—Spread the word—next click
  • 4 OF 4—Say a lot with a little—Got it to click
  • Email confirmation
  • Add a profile photo click and update               (passport size)
  • Introduction yourself—some write yourself and save click

(I have a beauty item and beauty product-related website. His name is Here you can find the top list of your daily beauty products.

  • Add your birthday select and save                 click
  • Where do you live Dhaka—Bangladesh                       type and save
  • See my profile click
  • Header photo click and upload                (1500px ´  500px)
  • What’s happening?                (for to post)


How to submit pictures in Twitter

  • Twitter log in
  • Profile open
  • (profile picture right side) tweet click
  • Add photos or video click and picture open
  • Tweet click


To Change the Username, Phone, Email, and Password of Twitter account.

  • Twitter account login
  • Profile Picture click (photo)
  • Setting and Privacy click
  • Username: [Right arrow] click and change
  • Phone: [Right arrow] click and change
  • Email: [Right arrow] click and change
  • Password: [Right arrow] click and change


To Recovery suspended Twitter account.

  • Twitter account login
  • Profile Picture click (photo)
  • Help center click
  • Managing your account click
  • Suspended account click
  • about the suspended account click
  • File and appeal click
  • Suspended account
  • Where are you experiencing this issue: My desktop web browser   select
  • Description of problem: My Twitter account is now suspended. Please re-back it. type
  • Full name: Alamgir Hossain type
  • Twitter username: @alamgir019 type
  • Your email: type
  • Phone number (optional): 1716038393 type
  • Continue click
  • Capsa select select
  • Submit click


To Deactivate or Delete Twitter account.

  • Deactivate your account and click
  • Deactivate click
    • No use 30 days the automatically delete
    • Next does not use a username, email, and phone.
    • If you use email, or username then deactivate before changing it.