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The desire for attracting people has created the industry of Graphic Design. The need for graphics design is boundless starting from printed materials to web designing. You will need to have the talent or have a talented graphic artist with high skill in working with different designs. Modern graphic design needs to follow trends and culture to attract people from specific areas. The creative designers at Jenial IT graphic design firm will approach your objectives, research, and collect components for the creative web design or print design to your complete satisfaction.

Our business-oriented service makes us stand out in the competition with other graphic design companies. We have been involved in the industry for a long time, and have experience in advertisements, books, magazine covers, and especially website design for providing our customers with the best designs. For computer graphic design we use the best app like adobe Photoshop or adobe illustrator graphic design package.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is a process of casting visual and textual content for delivering messages utilizing photography, illustration, videos, etc. This field is heavily dependent on visual communication. From abstract art to modern design all are parts of graphics. This method combines art with technology to help present a message about any event, campaign, service, or product in an optimized way for the consumer. Graphic design provides a creative and systematic solution to attract people with the use of images, icons, logos, or text.

Graphics Design for Boosting up Your Business

A quality graphic design can bring your business ideas to life. Graphic design is an initial for marketing, branding, advertising, or invigorating your business. Implying a creative graphic design can showcase much about your business, services, and products to attract customers.

Molding Your Imagination into a Reality

Graphic design art is an ancient craft, dating back at least 17,000 years. The term was first used in the 1920s print industry. Now it is considered an industry and covers a range of activities like logo creation, creative design, etc. Graphic design concerns aesthetic appeal and marketing. Jenial IT graphic design company provides a wide variety of graphic design projects to make your imagination turn into reality. In the present world, everything can be a portrait in the form of graphic design. If you may want your T-shirt to have a unique design or you want Instagram to be able pictures, you can rely on graphics design to do the work. Jenial IT provides all kinds of graphic design services according to our clients.

Images, color, and typography are essential for designing the best product. Additionally, a motion graphic designer needs to justify stylistic choices regarding image locations and font with a human’s point of reference. Similarly, a creative designer and website designer also needs to satisfy different aspects of designs. For that one needs to focus, and seek to empathize with specific clients, while creating designs that maximize usability. At Jenial IT, our best graphic designers don’t create art for art’s sake, they comply with the aesthetics to create art.



Elements and Tools of Graphic Design

Various graphic tools and elements need to be considered to visually express a design. In the case of image-based designs, you need a combination of photos, graphic illustrations, logos, and symbols. Static graphics design needs a combination of the elements below.

Shapes: Shapes provides several ways to utilize the spaces creatively, to support text, and to balance a design. Shapes give a design structure and clarity.

Lines:  When it comes to lines, limitless possibilities are there like straight, curved, thick, or thin lines. Dividing a space or separating content in a layout is what a line helps to do. They can also be used strategically to guide the eyes of the viewer from point A to point B.

Type: Type can transform a message into a work of art. Fonts, spacing, size, alignment, and color add power to the point you are trying to establish

Color: Color is an important and basic element of any visual design. Having a solid understanding of color can influence design to flourish more.

Texture: Smooth and glossy ads can look perceptible with texture. Texture adds a sense of depth, by the use of appropriate paper and material.

Professional or senior graphic designers possess a creative mind with an artistic view. Additionally, keen observation and analytical thinking are also essential tools for graphic designers. A new freelance graphic design or a famous graphic designer uses a variety of methods to combine art with technology. Some tools used by the designers are

Sketchpads: It is more of a traditional tool used to sketch out ideas. It is a quick way to make a rough design to develop further using other tools and technologies.

Computers: The computer is an essential kit for designing. The software helps to make a vision into a design on a computer. Specialized software such as Illustrator and Photoshop can help to create beauty that fulfills the requirement of the design.

Understanding Graphic Designing

Graphic design is all about the “WOW” factor, but good design is nothing if it does not convey style and purpose. It is considered a bad graphic design no matter how pleasing it looks. Design is everything from the physical to the digital and to find a graphic designer Jenial IT is the place to search for. To fully understand the graphic design, we must break it down into parts:

  1. Branding/Visual Identity

It tells the unique story of an individual or business. These stories are the voice of a brand. And graphics designer gives it a visual representation, like a graphic design logo, business card, etc.

  1. Advertising & Marketing Design

Marketing campaigns are everywhere and when we see a great ad, we are quick to buy now it. An effective marketing campaign helps to accomplish the goal.

  1. Digital Design

Digital design is the art created and produced to be viewed on a screen. This can require many different types of design, from UI to 3D modeling.

  1. Product Design

Product designers contain the entire design process for products. There are six types of product designers: Interaction or UX Designers, Graphic or Visual Designers, User Researchers, Data Analysts, Prototypes, and Business Strategists

  1. Editorial

This design deals with publications of books and magazines. It creates layouts, covers, and graphics for editorials to convey the author’s vision and message.

  1. Typeface Design

The planner and bullet journaling community use the typeface for lettering. Typeface design requires a working knowledge of typography.

  1. Human-Centered Design

The human-centered design puts the person at the center of the design process. It focuses on solving the problem related to people. This method is strongly focused on the perspectives of people who are experiencing a certain problem.

  1. Video Design

Video design mainly focuses on aligning the audio and video as well as keeping the video quality consistent. Moreover, in video design, it also cuts the unwanted part and joins separate cuts to make it into a single piece.

Our service

At Jenial IT, we focus on providing the best service to our clients. Our designing sector is a very demanding organization that provides high-quality graphic design services to clients in the best possible way.  We offer our clients the ability to get more work done in less time. It is because of the best graphic designer that will help you get your work done. Moreover, we provide graphic design online through our site. Impressing clients and selling lots of products on your business is what we want to see. Some packages that we provide are:

  1. Background Removing:

If you want the backgrounds of your photos removed, we can do this for you. This helps you to increase the usability of your photos. We can also remove any unwanted objects from the background.

  1. Beauty Retouching:

Beauty retouching enhances the attractiveness and usability of your picture. Enhancing the beauty of the picture by focusing on details, correcting the colors, and increasing the glam attracts your target people easily.

  1. Logo design:

It is the most important element of a brand. It is the most used branding instrument. Our expert designers can easily turn your brand vision into a logo.

  1. Business Card Design:

A Business card is a very important factor for your business. This makes people get a basic idea about your business. The design of a business card is an important factor for your branding and identity.

  1. Vector Realistic Drawing:

The graphic attracts people and tells a lot. Vector realistic drawings are more useful and effective than regular graphics because they are scalable, easily reusable, and changeable, and can be animated and edited with code. We offer vector realistic drawing services that can serve your purpose.

  1. Brochure design:

This is where the printed version of an ad is seen. This Brochure is for a small area of people and it needs to follow the cultures of the area to attract people.

  1. Magazine and Book layout:

Magazines, Books, e-books, and other publications need to be related to the topic discussed inside.

  1. Social Media design:

In this part, we help our clients develop and design art that helps them attract visitors to their social media platforms.

  1. UI/UX design:

This is the design for websites and software. This design focuses on making the web or app easy to use and understand for its users.

  1. T-Shirt design:

Wearing customize designed T-Shirts has become a trend now. Here, we help our clients with creative and trendy design services for T-Shirts.

  1. Catalog design:

A catalog describes an overall line of products and services of a firm. We design a catalog for your business in a strategic manner

  1. Editing service:

We are available for all types of photo editing services to make your photos more attractive. The service includes clipping path, image resizing or cropping, photo shadow, color and contrast correction, photo blending, removing the background, etc.

Why Choose Jenial IT?

Jenial IT is a company that provides 24/7 services with highly skilled designers and editors. We hire professional freelance graphic designers across the globe to complete your project. The customer can get help with design ideas to choose the best. We are confident about our creative work. We depict your mind through designs. And the most satisfying thing about our service is the affordable price. Besides, the clients can entrust us with on-time delivery.

Jenial IT is the best digital marketing company you can easily rely on. Here, you can find a blend of creativity with aestheticism. It provides the best service for modern graphic design. We prioritize customers’ needs and customize the imagination into the image, highlighting the key message in a simple but effective way. Be it a logo design, typography, poster, voucher or flyer design, web design, creating and inserting images in websites, resume design, business card design, merchandiser and t-shirt design, or Photoshop editing, our agency is at your service. We do our tasks with the best level of professionalism. We have expert graphic designers. Our prime goal is to satisfy our customers.

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