Off-page SEO techniques: To increase the ranking website

Off-page SEO techniques are called off-side SEO, Backlinks, SEO backlinks, link building, etc. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is done outside the website is called off-page SEO. Off-page SEO techniques are sometimes called Off-side SEO, Backlinks, SEO Backlinks, Link Building, etc. Doing SEO increases the website’s rank and shows it higher in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


Steps of Profile Backlink:

  • Search website:
  • Registration: (Name, Username, Gmail, Password, etc.)
  • Account create: (Edit profile, insert link)
  • Article Post: (Post, Submit, Add Post, Write Article, and Submission)
  • Link Insert.


To need Profile Backlink information:

Some information is required to profile backlinks. Understanding the website may require some more or less information. Below is some information about the backlink profile.

  • Name:
  • Username:
  • Email:
  • Password:
  • Date of Birth
  • Bio/about:
  • Address:
  • Country:
  • Logo/Image:
  • Title:
  • Keyword:
  • Mobile:
  • Website URL:


SEO Backlink Report:

  • Website name:
  • Profile Backlink URL:
  • DA
  • PA
  • SS
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • User Name
  • Link


Comprehensive Guide to Off-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Profile Submission
  2. Article Submission
  3. Blog Submission
  4. Blog Commenting
  5. Guest Posting
  6. Forum Posting
  7. Social Bookmarking Backlinks
  8. Social Media Backlinks
  9. Question and Answer Backlinks
  10. Image Submission
  11. Directory Submission
  12. Press Release Submission
  13. Web 2.0
  14. Search Engine Submission
  15. YouTube Video Backlink
  16. Backlink Maker
  17. Ping Submission
off page seo techniques

Off-page SEO Techniques

 01. Profile Submission:

Creating a profile account on a profile website and submitting your website link and other URLs is called profile submission.

Profile backlinks are a way to get traffic to your site if you place them on someone others site. When traffic, comes from different sites, your site will be ranked by Google. As a result, your link rank will increase in search engine optimization. At some point, your link will come to the top. This link method can be done through backlink profiles.

Every website needs to have a strong backlink profile for success. A hard backlink profile can give you an edge over your competitors. When your links are linked to other sites, Search engine bots will look for them from where to collect traffic. Start backlink with other sites by checking your site rank with a backlink profile checker. You can notice good results within a few days.

Google Search:

  • Top article submission backlink sites list

Some High DA profile backlink sites list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 93 84
02. 92 84
03. 87 67
04. 81 57
05. 80 64
more 60 39


02. Article Submission:

Creating a profile account on an article submission website and inserting the necessary article is called article submission.

Article submission is the process of submitting written content, often in the form of articles, to online platforms, websites, or publications for publication. Writers and content creators use this method to share their insights, expertise, and information with a wider audience.

It is a common practice in digital marketing, Off-page SEO techniques strategies, and content distribution, allowing authors to showcase their work and establish credibility in their respective fields.

Google Search:

  • Top article submission backlink site list

Free Article Submission Site List 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 92 75
02. 91 72
03. 91 71
04. 80 62
05. 77 60
more 33 40


03. Blog Submission:

To backlink to a blog submission website, you need to create a profile account and do the necessary blog submission. This method is called Blog Submission.

Blog submission refers to the process of submitting written content, typically in the form of articles or blog posts, to a blog or website for publication. This practice is common in the online realm, where individuals, businesses, or guest contributors share their insights, expertise, or opinions on various topics.

The submission may involve following specific guidelines provided by the blog owner, including content length, formatting, and topic relevance. Successful blog submissions can enhance visibility, credibility, and audience reach for the author, while also contributing valuable content to the hosting blog.

Google Search:

  • Top blog submission sites list

Best Quality Blog Submission Sites List 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 70 50
02. 49 47
03. 61 39
04. 46 59
05. 46 50
more 33 31


04. Blog Commenting:

Some websites allow visitors to leave comments at the end of their content. Their visitors provide feedback about that content. This system of opinions is called Blog commenting. Blog commenting is a form of user engagement on blogs where individuals can express their thoughts, opinions, or feedback about a specific blog post.

Typically found at the end of blog articles, the comment section allows readers to interact with the content, the author, and other readers. Users can share their perspectives, ask questions, or provide additional insights related to the blog topic. Blog commenting fosters a sense of community, encourages discussions, and enhances the overall interactivity of a blog. It can also be a valuable tool for building relationships, gaining exposure, and increasing the visibility of one’s blog or online presence.

However, it’s important to note that comments should be constructive and respectful to maintain a positive and engaging online environment.

Google Search:

  • “seed key” + “blog commenting”

Some Blog Commenting site list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 43 33
02. 18 20
03. 79 41
04. 28 34
05. 79 46
more 16 20


05. Guest Posting:

First, all the websites that allow guest posting should be found through Google search. There they have to create a profile account and guest post content according to the specified conditions. Backlinks like this are called Guest Posting.

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is a content marketing strategy where individuals or businesses contribute articles or blog posts to other websites or blogs within their niche or industry.

The purpose of guest posting is to build relationships, establish authority, and gain exposure to a new audience. By sharing valuable and relevant content on other platforms, contributors can increase their online presence, drive traffic to their websites, and enhance their credibility in a particular field.

Guest posting is a mutually beneficial practice, allowing both the guest author and the hosting site to reach a wider audience and provide diverse perspectives to their readers.

Google Search:

If you want the best-accepted guest post site in your industry, you can use the following search.

  • “Submit guest post” + “Keyword”
  • “Guest post” + “Topic name”
  • “Write for us” + “Topic name”
  • “Keyword” + “Write for us”
  • “Submit guest post” + “Keyword”

High-quality Guest posting site list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 93 63
02. 54 43
03. 77 49
04. 84 57
05. 63 25
more 24 34


06. Forum Posting:

 The main purpose of the forum is to increase the visitors of the website. Backlinks are created through Forum posting. Many people call forum posting a forum submission. However, in the case of forum posting, it should be a niche-related Forum. Find a related forum from Google create a Profile account and submit a forum posting.

Various topics are discussed in the Forum. many people comment here. Many people ask. Some publish articles. It can be said that the forum is a chat room for users.

 Google Search:

  • coffee + forum
  • SEO + forum list

 Some high-quality forum posting sites list 2024

SN Subject Site name DA PA
01. Coffee 42 44
02. SEO 18 40
03. SEO 74 53
04. SEO 74 56
05. SEO 68 46
more 38 40


07. Social Bookmarking Backlinks:

Social bookmarking backlinks is a method of making backlinks. It is not related to the website’s ranking. It plays a good role in determining the PA and DA of the site.

Search social bookmarking websites from Google and create a profile account in it a create social bookmarking backlinks.

Google Search:

  • Social bookmarking site list

Top Social Bookmarking Site List 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 87 67
02. 92 75
03. 92 81
04. 92 85
05. 76 68
more 24 39


08. Social Media Backlinks:

Social Media is a good medium for backlinks. All backlinks done using Social Media are called Social Media Backlinks. It is possible to easily create profiles from various social networks and bring visitors. For this, you have to create a profile on various social media and enter the URL of your website. Popular social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Google Search:

  • Top social media list
  • The most popular social media list

Top Social Media Site List 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 96 100
02. 99 100
03. 94 100
04. 92 91
05. 94 100
more 66 59


09. Question and Answer Backlinks:

There are some websites where visitors ask different questions and then answer different questions and input their links. All these websites are called Question and Answer websites. Lots of visitors come here by following the inputted links. Search the Question and Answer website from Google and create a profile account.

Google Search:

  • Question and Answer website list.

Top Question and Answer website list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 99 100
02. 93 62
03. 92 79
04. 93 75
05. 92 74
more 24 34


10. Image Submission:

Search the image submission website from Google and create a profile account to submit the image. I can create quality backlinks by image submission. The Image should be optimized during image submission. The correct title, tag, and website link of the image should be used while submitting the image.

Google Search:

  • Image submission website list.

Some Image submission websites list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 98 78
02. 94 100
03. 92 95
04. 92 84
05. 93 78
more 54 35


11. Directory Submission:

There are some websites where any link can be sorted by category. In this case, more DA and PA sites should be accepted. All websites whose SS (Spam Score) is above 10 should be removed.

Google Search:

  • Directory submission site list

Some Directory submission sites list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 36 52
02. 29 45
03. 30 50
04. 23 48
05. 31 53
more 60 41


12. Press Release Submission:

Collect the Press Release submission website from Google and do the Press Release according to the rules. Press releases should be done on the High DA and PA websites. SS (Spam score) above 10 should be excluded. There are 4 steps to do a press release. First- Registration, Second- Website log-in, Third- Company submission, and Fourth- Press Release submission.

Registration: All that is required for this is-

  • Name:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Email:
  • Contact number:

Website Login: All that is required for this is-

  • PR sites open
  • User or Email type
  • Password type

Company Submission: All that is required for this is-

  • Company name:
  • Company type:
  • URL (website):
  • Email:
  • Contact Person:
  • Contact Number:
  • Company details (650 C):
  • Submit:

Press Release Submission: All that is required for this is-

  • Headline: (200 C)
  • Summary: (400C)
  • Keywords:
  • Press Release type:

Google Search:

  • PR submission sites free
  • Press Release submission website

Press Release submission website list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 51 57
02. 41 48
03. 52 55
04. 60 55
05. 48 54
more 60 43


13. Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is essentially a website. Web 2.0 is created with the help of a submission website. Backlinks are created by publishing content in Web 2.0.

Google Search:

  • web 2.0 submission sites list

Some web 2.0 submission websites list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 100 100
02. 94 100
03. 93 88
04. 86 100
05. 71 84
more 24 43


14. Search Engine Submission:

The main purpose of the search engine is to bring visitors to the website. For this, it is first necessary to submit the URL of the website to the Search Engine so that the URL is indexed. When we search with a keyword in the search engine, it presents all the sites in front of us that have submitted the URLs of all the sites.

Google Search:

  • Search Engine Submission 2024
  • free web submission

Top Search Engine Submission Website List 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 95 76
02. 94 84
03. 93 76
04. 53 57
05. 49 58
more 47 66


Google: Google Search console account with Gmail. The link must be submitted to the Google Search console.

Bing: 40% of visitors come from Bing. Account must be logged in with link. The same Gmail should be used in Google Search Console and Bing.

yandex: Create an account and submit the link.

Webwiki: Create an account and submit the link.

Link Center: Create an account and submit the link.


15. YouTube Video Backlink:

1000+ free YouTube backlink generator

Google Search:

  • Auto YouTube video backlink generator

Some Top YouTube Video Backlink Generator Website List 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 53 44
02. 35 44
03. 17 34
04. 12 42
05. 11 33
more 29 42


16. Backlink Maker:

Free website backlink maker

Google Search:

  • Free backlink maker tools
  • Backlink generator

High quality some Backlink maker tools list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 56 59
02. 49 44
03. 44 45
04. 44 56
05. 30 45
more 32 48


17. Ping Submission:

Free ping submission sites list

Google Search:

  • Free ping submission sites list

Some Ping submission sites list 2024

SN Site name DA PA
01. 27 43
02. 51 63
03. 27 42
04. 20 38
05. 07 38
more 19 39



In conclusion, implementing off-page SEO techniques is essential for enhancing a website’s visibility and authority in search engine results. The array of strategies, ranging from traditional methods like profile, article, and blog submissions to more interactive approaches such as guest posting and forum participation, showcases the diverse ways businesses can optimize their online presence.

The significance of social signals cannot be overstated, with social bookmarking and social media backlinks playing a pivotal role in driving traffic and establishing a brand’s credibility. Moreover, the strategic use of question-and-answer backlinks, image submissions, and directory submissions contributes to a well-rounded off-page SEO techniques strategy that caters to various aspects of online content consumption. But website ranking requires off-page SEO as well as on-page optimization.



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