Experience Employee of Jenial IT

All the employee of Jenial IT experience is very good. All employees are highly educated. All manpower computers have ideas about everything. However, some people are more experienced in some subjects. When a job is ordered, the one who has more experience in this job completes the job. We are very careful about the work. We finish any work beautifully and present it.

Most of the manpower in the organization is particularly proficient in computers. Computer-related ventures are also available here Architect Designer, Lay-year, Textile engineer, Doctor. Work-related to architectural design and textile, and fashion design is done here. There are doctors for good treatment of manpower. We have Law years to help with the law.

From content writing to web page design, graphics design, search engine optimization, and social media we have done a variety of jobs. Everyone works online or offline. We work according to customer needs. Always prioritize the work.



Employee List of Jenial IT

01. Engr. Alamgir Hossain M.Sc in CSE CEO, SEO Specialist
02. Engr. Jakia Sultana Diploma in Architecture Digital Marketer
03. Engr. Ismat Sarmin Bachelor of Architecture SEO, Architecture Designer
04. Engr. Nazmul Hasan B.Sc in Textile Graphic Designer
05. Najmin Akter M.A. in English Article Writer
06. Engr. Jafor Wahid Diploma in Agriculture SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
07. Engr. Nazmul Hossain Diploma in Textile SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
08. Engr. Firoz Mahmud Diploma in Textile Social Media
09. Ikramul Hossain Student Social Media