Advanced Keyword Analysis Techniques


Keyword research and analysis are crucial components of search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing strategies. Proper keyword research helps you understand the language your target audience uses when searching for information online. Here is a step-by-step guide to keyword research and analysis:


What is a Keyword:

In the context of online search and digital marketing, a keyword is a specific word or phrase that describes the content of a web page or represents the main topic of an online search. Keywords are hot to search engine’s work and are crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising. The easy way to say, “Meaningful information written and searched on Google is called a keyword”.


Advanced Keyword Analysis Techniques

Keywords types:

Keywords can be categorized into different types based on their functions and roles in various contexts. Here are some common types of keywords:

  1. Seed keywords: Example- Keyword
  2. Information Keyword: Example- Best SEO expert in Bangladesh. It is a review website.
  3. Navigational: Example- Youtube
  4. Commercial Keyword: Example- Why is keyword research important? It is use Blog website.
  5. Transactional Keyword: Example- Buy a gaming laptop.
  6. Branded and unbranded keywords: Semrush SEO tools and free SEO tools use keywords.
  7. Primary and Secondary keywords: Main keyword and except the main keyword.
  8. Long tail and short tail keywords: Short 1/2 word and Long 3/3+ word keywords.


Keyword Match Types:

Keyword match types are parameters that help search engines determine how closely a search query must match a keyword in order for an ad to appear. These match types are primarily associated with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, particularly in platforms like Google ads. Here are the common keyword match types:

  1. Question: [What is Keyword research] (what, where, when, why)
  2. Exact match: [Keyword research] (no before and afterword)
  3. Phrase match: “best seo expert ” //” best seo expert BD”
  4. Broad match: seo professional in BD (no sine)
  5. Negative match: Free keyword research tools (free, discount)
  6. Related: [Google keyword research, Google keyword analytics]


Keyword Frequency, Strafing, and Density:

Keyword frequency, strafing, and density are terms that can be related to different contexts, such as linguistics, military tactics, or data analysis. Here is a brief overview of each term in various contexts:

  1. Keyword frequency: How much time does a keyword that is called keyword frequency?
  2. Keyword strafing: Extra (much time) keyword use in content.
  3. Keyword density: 2 or 3% keyword use in content. Rules- Keyword frequency/total word * 100


Keyword idea generates:

If you type something in Google and search it, it shows many search results. It’s called Google Instant Searches of Auto Suggestions. This is the best source to generate keyword ideas.

  1. Instant search or Google auto search
  2. Related search: Keyword Surfer
  3. Keyword Planner
  4. Free keyword tools.
  5. Paid keyword tools.


KGR Keyword:

KGR is The Keyword Golden Ratio a concept in Search Engine Optimization that was popularized by Doug Cunnington. It is a formula used to identify low-competition keywords that may be easier to rank for in search engines.

Keyword Golden Ratio rules

KGR = Allintitle results/Keyword monthly search volume

Keyword: Keyword research and analysis

Allintitle results= 86

Keyword monthly search volume= 320

As a rule:             86/320

0.27        It is the KGR keyword

< 0.25 = GREAT

0.25-1.00 = MIGHT WORK

1.00< = BAD


Best Keyword analysis tools:

Google Chrome Extensions:

  1. Keyword Surfer
  2. Keywords Everywhere
  3. Ubersuggest


Free Keyword Research Tools:



Best Paid Keyword Research Tools:




In conclusion, keyword research and analysis play a crucial role in shaping a successful digital marketing strategy. By understanding the target audience, aligning with business objectives, and adapting to industry trends, businesses can enhance their online presence, attract the right audience, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth.



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